MetData1 Automated Station

The MetData1 is an automated weather station designed and created by Campbell Scientific, Inc.; a worldwide producer of high-quality monitoring stations.


Our automated station records the following phenomena on an hourly basis:

  1. Air temperature – CS500
  2. Soil temperature – 107 Thermistor
  3. Solar Radiation – LI200X
  4. Air Pressure – Vaisala CS105
  5. Precipitation – TB4
  6. Wind Speed/Direction –05106
  7. Relative Humidity/Dew Point – CS500

This data is then stored to a storage module (CR10X) which can be accessed by a voice modem program. A remote computer connected to a Hayes modem automatically calls in to the weather station’s voice modem (COM210). The modem allows the remote computer access (with a security code) to the stored data. This data is then transmitted to our website and split to be readable in columnar format.


This station has been operational since November 2004, and is currently the backup weather station.

~ Steve Woodruff and Devin Lussier